Tuvaro Toolbar Removal


Tuvaro Toolbar Removal

Dusty Wright
Apr 2, 2013

Tuvaro toolbar is a browser add-on that is promoted via other free software downloads that, when installed into your computer, will change your browser’s homepage and will change the default search engine to tuvaro.com. In addition, the Tuvaro toolbar will also display an array of advertisements and sponsored links in your search results a well, and may even collect certain search terms via your search queries. While the Tuvaro toolbar is not dangerous, it is nevertheless annoying. Add to the fact that you likely did not agree to install the browser add-on in the first place, and it becomes clear the Tuvaro toolbar must be removed.

How did the Tuvaro toolbar become installed onto your computer in the first place? The answer to this is actually fairly simple. It was installed into your computer when you installed another program, likely because you chose a “Full” software installation out of a “Custom” software installation, which would have allowed you to choose which additional programs could be installed during the installation of the software (this is one of the points we make in our “How to Keep Your Computer Running Its Best” article, available here). Thus, you must always pay attention to what you are installing when you are installing new software, as it will save you an abundance of grief in the future.

Moreover, even when you uninstall the software that installed the Tuvaro toolbar into your computer, the toolbar will remain installed into your computer and your default search engine will still be Tuvaro.com. Therefore, removing it isn’t as easy as it may originally seem. However, there’s no need to worry as it is possible to completely remove this pesky toolbar so you can use your browser as normal once again.

So How Do I Remove TuvaroToolbar Adware?

Expert Removal

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Advanced Removal Guide

This removal guide is for ADVANCED COMPUTER USERS ONLY. We take no responsibility for any damage incurred to your computer by use of this guide!

  1. Is Your Data Safe?

    This guide will require changes to your computer, and could potentially cause damage. Please make sure any important data is backed up prior to starting this removal guide!

  2. Open a Web Browser (Internet)

    On your computer, go ahead and open up your web browser of choice.

  3. browser_icons

  4. Download AdwCleaner

    AdwCleaner is a FREE cleanup utility that will remove Tuvaro, Adware, and other unwanted junk from your computer. It’s hands down one of the most useful utilities available for browser hijacks and extensions. AdwCleaner is available at CNET here:

  5. Install AdwCleaner

    Double click the AdwCleaner icon to open the program. Once open, AdwCleaner will look like below.

  6. adwcleaner_open

  7. Run a Search with AdwCleaner

    Click the Search Button to have the program search your computer for the bad stuff. This may take a few moments.

  8. adwcleaner_searching

  9. Inspect Log File (Notepad)

    Once the Search has finished, you will notice a Notepad document open up with found registry keys and files. Inspect the log file to make sure the program isn’t removing any software that you’d like to keep. Chances are, everything is safe to remove. After you’ve inspected and determined everything looks good, go ahead and close the notepad document.

  10. adwcleaner_doc

  11. Click Delete to Remove Detected Files

    Now we need to have AdwCleaner remove the bad stuff. Go ahead and click Delete to initiate the removal process. You will be prompted with a window that asks you to close any open documents and allow the computer to reboot. This is normal.

  12. Reboot The Computer

    AdwCleaner will now reboot the computer and finish removing junk from your computer.

  13. adwcleaner_reboot2
  14. Boot the Computer Back into Windows

    Log back into your Desktop. You should have another Notepad document open with the deleted files/registry keys. Go ahead and close this document.

  15. adwcleaner_deleted
  16. Check Your Web Browser

    Open up your web browser and ensure all the annoying browser extensions and hijacks are now removed.

  17. Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    It’s extremely common for computers with TuvaroToolbar and other browser extensions/hijacks to have additional malware and adware running on their computers. We now need to run a second scan to ensure the system is clean.

    On Your Computer: Download MalwareBytes or go to www.onlinevirusrepair.com/downloads

  18. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    MalwareBytes should be installed (like any other program) and may download a definitions update from the internet. Once the program is ready to roll, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

  19. mb_fullscan_selected
  20. Run a Full Scan with MalwareBytes

    Check the box next to Full Scan, then hit the Scan button to start the malware scan. Make sure drive C: is selected, then hit Scan again.

  21. mb_scanning
  22. View Infected Files

    When the scan finishes, go ahead and click OK to view the found files. Next hit Show Results

  23. mb_objects_detectedmb_scan_completed
  24. Remove Infected Files with MalwareBytes

    You should see a few infected files and registry keys at this point. Make sure all the detected objects are checked, then hit Remove Selected.

  25. mb_infections
  26. Reboot The Computer

    MalwareBytes will likely ask you to reboot the computer. This is normal, and will allow the software to remove the infected files.

  27. mb_reboot_window
  28. Boot the Computer Back into Windows

    Your computer should boot back up normally (without the virus!) at this point. Double check to make sure your programs are working.

  29. Install an Effective Anti-Virus Solution

    We highly recommend using one of the effective virus solutions below. We’ve tested all of these programs, and have confirmed they are the most effective anti-virus solutions available.

  30. Make a Backup Of Your Data!

    If you have important information on your computer, it needs to be backed up!

    Copy your data to an External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, or by subscribing to an online backup service. We highly recommend Carbonite. It’s free to try it for an entire month.

  31. All Done!

    We hope this guide helped out! If you were able to fix your computer using this free guide, please support us by clicking one of our social share buttons or post a comment with your feedback. It’s greatly appreciated!

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Author: Dusty Wright
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Tuvaro Toolbar Removal
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