Search Protect by Conduit


Search Protect by Conduit

Dan Steiner
Mar 6, 2013

Conduit Search is an incredibly annoying adware program that is designed to hijack your search engine, and make unwanted changes to your web browser. Once Conduit Search is installed, it will change your homepage to and will force your browser to use the Conduit Search instead of your normal search engine. Conduit Search is also known to install a third party toolbar that displays ads when viewing search results. Although Conduit Search is not actually a virus, it’s usually unwanted and bothersome. Generally, Conduit Search is installed with other applications. It’s important to look closely at any installations to ensure they aren’t installing additional junk software on your computer.

How to Remove Conduit Search

Expert Removal

Our American Based Experts can remove Conduit Search for you. Call (866) 240-9755 or chat.


Advanced Removal Guide

This removal guide is for ADVANCED COMPUTER USERS ONLY.
We take no responsibility for any damage incurred to your computer by use of this guide!

  1. Ensure your have proper backups of your data!

    Is your data backed up? This guide may be a potentially dangerous task for the untrained computer user. If your information isn’t backed up, you may lose it. Once you’ve ensured you have a decent backup of your data, continue on. Sometimes viruses can block access to your desktop, programs, and files. Please balance the risk before continuing!

  2. Download and Run a Full Scan with MalwareBytes

    Download MalwareBytes here. This is hands down, the BEST virus/spyware removal tool available. If you can afford the $25, it’s worth the money and will work along side your anti-virus software to keep this sort of thing from happening again. If not, the Free MalwareBytes will work, but will not protect you from any future attacks.

  3. Install and Run MalwareBytes

    Once you’ve finished downloading Malwarebytes, you should run it and install it like a normal program. You should see this screen when it’s ready:

  4. Malwarebytes scan

  5. Select “Full Scan” and then click Scan.

    The scan will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, maybe even longer if you have a lot of data on your computer.

  6. Remove the Infected Files

    Once the scan finishes, go ahead and click OK to view the found files. If nothing was found, you’re all finished.

  7. Malwarebytes scan completed detected

  8. Remove Remaining Infected Files

    You should see a list of files MalwareBytes detected. Next hit “Remove Selected” and you may need to reboot your computer.

  9. All Finished!

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Author: Dan Steiner
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Search Protect by Conduit
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  1. Horrible virus. It took me all day to kill it. Actually, it was about 5 different virus working. It came with the DVD/VideoSoft toolbar. The viruses were pretty specific to Conduit it. Look up Conduit virus on Google and YouTube. Browser watch also was another virus. It keeps you from resetting config on Firefox. It’s hard to kill the toolbar but if you don’t you can’t get rid of the virus. Kill anything on your program delete with Conduit, Browser Watch, and DVD/VideoSoft if it shows up. Run SpyBot and MalwareBytes to identify file location something and anything with Search Protect.

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