Malware Removal

  • Removes All the Bad Stuff, not just some of it!

    Our service removes all types of malware, including the types that automated software can’t. Simply connect with one of our US-based malware removal experts online, and watch as our team cleans up your computer, without having to drive anywhere!

    • Rootkit Viruses
    • Trojans
    • Junk Software
    • Viruses
    • Adware/PUPS
    • Junk Toolbars / Extensions
    • Spyware
    • Browser Hijackers
    • Other Malware

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  • Protects Your Computer
    from Future Attacks

    Unlike other companies, we ensure all the commonly exploited plugins and software are patched and up-to-date. This helps keep your computer clean and protected going forward.

    We also include leading anti-virus and anti-malware software with our service. With our recommended software, you’re chances of re-infection are significantly less!

  • Faster and More Effective
    Than Local Providers

    Malware is all we do. That means we see a lot of it, and we’re extremely good at fighting it. Most computers can be cleaned in as little as an hour and don’t require you to sit in front of the computer. Of course, you’re welcome to sit back and watch if you’d like to. If for some reason you have a special case, which may extend our service time, we’ll certainly let you know.

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  • Proud to be 100% US-based

    We’re completely based in sunny San Luis Obispo, California. We will never, ever, ever outsource our work. Anytime you call or chat with us, you’ll immediately get someone who is both friendly and knowledgeable. We understand how important your computer is, and we’ll do everything possible to ensure your computer is fixed properly, as soon as possible.