Internet Security (Designed to Protect) Virus


Internet Security (Designed to Protect) Virus

Dan Steiner
Jul 9, 2013

Internet Security “Designed to Protect” is a malware program from the Rogue.WinPCDefender family of anti-spyware software. Internet Security “Designed to Protect” is designed to look like a legitimate anti-virus software program, but in reality, the software is bogus, and will only create fake threat detections, warnings, and pop-ups in an attempt to scare you into purchasing a full version or license key to “fix your computer.”

Once infected with the fake Internet Security “Designed to Protect” virus, you may notice annoying pop-ups, fake threat detections, and access to your normal programs will be blocked. Internet Security “Designed to Protect” will start a cycle of scans that find random files and claim they are infected.

You should disregard any warnings, threat detections, and any other messages creating by Internet Security “Designed to Protect”. Do NOT attempt to activate the software or purchase a full license key, as this may pass your financial information over to cyber-criminals.

To prevent anti-virus and malware removal software from removing Internet Security “Designed to Protect”, the virus will block access to most programs and will create warnings like below:

Security Warning
Malicious program has been detected. Click here to protect your computer.

Removal Options forSystem Doctor 2014

    Is your Data Backed Up? We take no responsibility for damage incurred to your computer from use of this guide. Use the below guide at your own risk.
  1. Boot up Your Computer via ‘Safe Mode with Networking’

    First, shut down your computer and ensure that it is completely off. After the computer has been shut down successfully, turn it back on and boot into Safe Mode with Networking.

    To accomplish this, select the power button then begin tapping the F8 Key on your keyboard.

    In a matter of seconds, you will see the Windows Advanced Options Menu. By pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard, select Safe Mode with Networking option, press Enter. (Screenshot provided below)

  2. safemodebootup

  3. Log into Windows and View Desktop

    Safe Mode with Networking will load a slew of drivers and files, and while it may looks scary, do not worry as this is normal. Next, you will discover the account’s user icon. After you see this, log into your account and begin looking at your Windows’ Desktop as normal.

  4. Open Your Web Browser (Internet)

    Open a web browser of your choice. It doesn’t matter which one, as any popular web browser will suffice (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

  5. browser_icons

  6. Download Trusted Removal Software

    Without question, the easiest way to remove System Doctor 2014 is via MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. There’s no contest: this is the easiest and most effective tool available for the removal of malware, and the best part? It’s 100% free!

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    • FREE / $24.95 USD (Lifetime)
    • Malware Scanner Utility (No Protection)
    • Malware Scanner + System Protection
  7. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware just as you would install any other program. After the installation process begins, the software will likely begin downloading new definitions and update the program. Provide MalwareBytes Anti-Malware a few minutes to update appropriately, and once the updates have completed, you will see the following screen below. After you see the screen, you will be ready to use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware:

  8. mb_fullscan_selected

  9. Run a Full Scan with MalwareBytes

    Choose the Full Scan box, then select Scan and begin scanning for malware. Ensure drive C: is selected, then chooseScan once again.

  10. mb_scanning

  11. View the Infected Files

    After the scan is finished, choose OK so you can view the files, then choose Show Results.

  12. mb_objects_detected


  13. Remove the Infected Files via MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    You will see a variety of infected files and registry keys. Make sure the detected objects are chosen, then choose Remove Selected.

  14. mb_infections

  15. Reboot Your Computer

    MalwareBytes Anti-Malware will tell you that you should reboot. This is normal, and will allow MalwareBytes Anti-Malware to remove the infected files.

  16. mb_reboot_window

  17. Boot Into Windows Once More

    Your computer will boot up normally without System Doctor 2014 infecting your PC. Open a few regularly-used programs and make sure everything is working perfectly.

  18. Congratulations! You Did it!

    We sincerely hope this guide has helped you to remove the Internet Security virus. If you fixed your computer using our free guide, we urge you to support us by choosing one of our social share buttons or by commenting on our guide with your feedback below!

Author: Dan Steiner
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Internet Security (Designed to Protect) Virus
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