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    The Problem

    If you’ve ever had a virus on your computer, then you know how frustrating it can be. Normally, you’d take your computer down to the local computer shop, drop it off for several days (maybe even weeks), and pay a hefty bill.

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    The Solution

    Not anymore. Online Virus Repair is a modern approach to dealing with all types of pesky Malware. Simply call or chat with us and we’ll instantly connect you with a highly trained malware removal expert who can quickly and affordably remove all the bad stuff

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    Call or Chat With Us

    Simply call us or chat online with one of our experts. You’ll instantly be connected with one of our malware removal experts.

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    Install Our Secure Applet

    You’ll install our tiny applet that allows us to remotely control your computer, just as if we were sitting next to you moving the mouse. Our applet is totally secure, and you can disconnect at any time.

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    Our Team Goes to Work

    Right before your eyes, our experts will clean all the bad stuff from your computer. This process usually takes a little under an hour, but in some situations may take longer.

  • 4
    Computer is Clean

    Once we’ve finished removing the bad stuff, we take the time to ensure all the commonly exploited plugins and software are patched and up to date. We’ll also install leading anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep you protected from future attacks.

  • 5
    Service is Complete

    Once both you and our team has given the computer the okay, we’ll send you an invoice for the work and answer any questions you might have.