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Worry-Free Business Malware Protection.

Anti-Virus + Anti-Malware Software + 1 Year Service Rapid Response Support + Free Expert Setup

Malware always seem to hit at the wrong time, and often times, it can cost your business money by taking computers out of commission. You need help now, not in a few hours or days. That’s where we come in. Our Business Malware team is prepared to help you immediately and around the clock so you can get back to work as soon as possible.
Our Business Package offers businesses an all-inclusive package that protects their workstations yearly from malware and other bad stuff.

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  • Anti-Malware

  • Free Malware

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    Malware Team

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  • Anti-Virus/Malware +
    Inclusive Yearly Support

    You need the best software to protect your workstations and servers, but you also need the support to back it when things go wrong. That’s where we come in. Our Business Malware team offers immediate help by phone or chat. Our scalable pricing offers your business an amazing value on anti-virus, anti-malware, and unlimited malware removal support during your support contract.

  • Free Malware Checkup + Setup

    Before anything, our Malware Experts will go through each and every one of your computers to ensure there aren’t any problems. We’ll clean any existing malware, install patches to commonly exploited software, and ensure the computer is in overall solid health. Once our team has given each of your computer’s a green light, we’ll go ahead and install our security suite, which includes anti-virus, anti-malware, ad-blocking, and our professional setup + configuration. From here on out, if you have any issues, we’re just a phone call or chat away, and it’s all included in your yearly contract price!

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Scalable Pricing

One price does not fit all businesses. We’ve scaled our Business Solutions to offer an affordable solution to business of all different sizes. Use our estimator below to see what it might cost your business:

1 Computer$169 / Year
3 Computer$462 / Year
5 Computer$745 / Year
10+ Computer$1290 / Year

3 Computers - $462 / Year

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