AVASoft Antivirus Virus Removal Guide


AVASoft Antivirus Virus Removal Guide

Dan Steiner
Mar 22, 2013

So here’s the problem: you wake up in the morning with your cup of coffee in-hand, you walk over to your computer and turn it on, and wait for your computer to boot into Windows. Your PC is powering on as it normally does every morning, so you don’t give it much thought. You walk out of the room to put an extra teaspoon of sugar into your coffee (since you made it too dark this morning – again), to which you walk back to your computer and notice a new anti-virus program label as “AVASoft Antivirus” is supposedly scanning your computer for you, and what’s worse? It’s reporting that your computer has a ton of viruses, causing you to worry yet become suspicious simultaneously.

You are thinking to yourself, “what is this strange anti-virus program, and why is it scanning my computer without my consent?” Furthermore, you are wondering how you can remove it, yet when you attempt to use your computer, it begins to cause problems for you. From redirecting your web browser to stopping you from using your normal anti-virus software, the new anti-virus program is also telling you that in order to remove the viruses it found, you will have to purchase the program in full.

Now you’re suspicious, now you know something is wrong, and now you know what you need to do: you need to remove this anti-virus program, but how?

But before you do that, what exactly is this anti-virus program that magically installed itself onto your PC in the first place? AVASoft Antivirus is actually a rogue anti-virus program created by cyber criminals with one goal: to compromise your computer and trick you into paying them money in exchange for the anti-virus software removing viruses that are found on your computer. Supposedly developed by a company named “AVASoft,” it guarantees that your computer will be safe and secure after you pay the one-time “fee,” but for those that have been tricked into buying the anti-virus program, they will tell you that it definitely does not secure your computer: in fact, it doesn’t do anything other than provide the illusion of being a legitimate anti-virus program.

Furthermore, for those familiar with rogue anti-virus programs, it uses the exact user interface as another rogue anti-virus program, WinWebSec. Interestingly enough, AVASoft Antivirus actually reports real viruses installed onto your computer, as it uses a virus definition database from ClamAV. Despite AVASoft Antivirus having more functionality than other rogue anti-virus programs, in the end, its sole purpose is to trick you into purchasing the program in hopes that your viruses will be removed, which of course they never are via AVASoft Antivirus.

You are probably wondering how it became installed onto your computer in the first place. Usually, the rogue anti-virus software is installed when you visit malicious websites or even legitimate websites that have been compromised. In addition, clicking on links or opening attachments in spam email will also install the program via a “drive-by-download” attack that automatically installs the rogue software into your PC without your consent.


Please be advised that you should never, under any circumstances, enter any credit card information into the anti-virus program. This rogue anti-virus software has only one goal: to steal your money by tricking you.


Once AVASoft Antivirus is installed into your computer, it also installs an abundance of malware and adware that could seriously slow down your computer. In addition, it stops certain web pages and programs from opening – basically, anything that could help you to research the software and/or remove the program is usually disabled. Thus, the moment you discover that your computer is infected, it is imperative that you remove AVASoft Antivirus from your computer immediately, as it will bring further harm to your computer.

AVASoft Antivirus creates fake security warnings like these:

AVASoft Antivirus Warning
Your PC is still infected with dangerous viruses. Activate antivirus protection to prevent data loss and avoid the theft of your credit card details.

AVASoft Antivirus Warning
Intercepting programs that may compromise your privacy and harm your system have been detected on your PC.
Click here to remove them immediately with “AVASoft Antivirus.”

Warning! The site you are trying to visit may harm your computer!
Your security setting level puts your computer at risk!
Activate “AVASoft Antivirus,” and enable safe web surfing (recommended).


How can I remove AVASoft Antivirus?

Expert Removal

Our American Based Experts can remove the virus for you. call (866) 240-9755 or chat.


Advanced Removal Guide

This removal guide is for ADVANCED COMPUTER USERS ONLY. We take no responsibility for any damage incurred to your computer by use of this guide!

  1. Ensure Your Data is BACKED UP!

    This guide will require changes to your computer, and could potentially cause damage. It’s essential that you make sure any important data is backed up before attempting this removal process.

  2. Start Your Computer in Safe Mode with Networking

    The very first thing you’ll need to do is turn the computer all the way off. It sounds silly… but stick with me! Once the computer is powered off, we need to press the power button to turn the system back on, then immediately start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard.

    You should then see the Windows Advanced Options Menu. Use your arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking, then press Enter. (Screenshot provided below)

  3. safemodebootup

  4. Login to Windows and View Desktop

    Safe Mode with Networking will load a bunch of files and drivers, this is normal. You should eventually see your user icon. Go ahead and log into your normal user account so you see the Desktop.

  5. Open a Web Browser (Internet)

    Next we need to open a web browser on the infected computer. You can use just about any browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome)

  6. browser_icons

  7. Download Removal Software

    The best removal software for this virus is MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    On the infected computer, point your web browser to: www.onlinevirusrepair.com/downloads to download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to your computer.

    Free or MalwareBytes Pro Version?

    MalwareBytes Free will work for this guide. However, we highly recommend spending the $25 for the Pro Version. MalwareBytes Pro is worth every penny. If you want to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, you need it. It’s a great program to install along side your current anti-virus software to add even better protection. The real time protection stops an incredible amount of malware, and will protect you again identity theft and infected websites.

  8. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    MalwareBytes should be installed (like any other program) and may download a definitions update from the internet. Once the program is ready to roll, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

  9. mb_fullscan_selected

  10. Run a Full Scan with MalwareBytes

    Check the box next to Full Scan, then hit the Scan button to start the malware scan. Make sure drive C: is selected, then hit Scan again.

  11. mb_scanning

  12. View Infected Files

    When the scan finishes, go ahead and click OK to view the found files. Next hit Show Results

  13. mb_objects_detected


  14. Remove Infected Files with MalwareBytes

    You should see a few infected files and registry keys at this point. Make sure all the detected objects are checked, then hit Remove Selected.

  15. mb_infections

  16. Reboot The Computer

    MalwareBytes will likely ask you to reboot the computer. This is normal, and will allow the software to remove the infected files.

  17. mb_reboot_window

  18. Boot the Computer Back into Windows

    Your computer should boot back up normally (without the virus!) at this point. Double check to make sure your programs are working.

  19. Install an Effective Anti-Virus Solution

    Your computer was just infected. This could be because of poor performing anti-virus software, outdated definitions, or no anti-virus software running at all. Anti-virus software is available FREE. There is no reason why your computer shouldn’t be protected. Check out our Downloads Page for our recommendations.

  20. Make a Backup Of Your Data!

    If you have important information on your computer, it needs to be backed up!

    Copy your data to an External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, or by subscribing to an online backup service. We highly recommend Carbonite. It’s free to try it for an entire month.


  21. All Done!

    We hope this guide helped out! If you were able to fix your computer using this free guide, please support us by clicking one of our social share buttons or post a comment with your feedback. It’s greatly appreciated!

Author: Dan Steiner
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  1. shall try this!…But avarogue completely bricked my machine, any keystroke or mouse use prompts a trigger (win xp)this appears to be a skin on the desktop.however managed to wriggle under it.(disconnect from web first) it will keep showing the same warnings. keep going with the box cancels to work ‘unprotected’. however… leftclik mouse on avarogue icon. go to properties. select. will show target address.select ‘find target’. window will show 3 files. 1main 1 slave 1 for link. bung the 2 minor files in recycle bin. you can’t bin the main per se but you can wrap it in a new folder and hide it temporarily. reboot pc. should wake up as normal.this is not an ideal way of doing it I know. but at least it gives you enough control to kick the rest of the bugs out and use the above advice from Dusty Wright..hope this works for you and that you did a backuplast week! regards si blackmore

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